Getting To Ko-Samet Island In Thailand

Krabi is a province of Thailand located in the southern area and has fantastic beaches along the shore plus many wonderful islands that you just can’t imagine how beautiful they are. Phi Phi Islands is one of the very famous spots in Krabi that travelers can’t miss.

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Tha Kha floating market is just located south of Bangkok. It is full of charm and uniqueness. On your visit to Tha Kha you will find that there are many floating markets in this area. You can make a journey through paddleboat in the klongs (canals) watch this beautiful market.

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Koh Samui can be easily reached through air. Air travel is the most convenient way to get here. There are two kinds of flights: a direct flight and a flight to Surat Thani followed by a bus or a ferry transfer to Koh Samui. The central airport is Bangkok airport. Koh Samui can also be reached through a train which is fairly affordable. The most important railway station is Lamphong Railway station. Railway rides are also accompanied by a ferry transfer to Koh Samui. For places with a limited transport, motorbike is the right substitute.

Motorbikes are the most popular mode of transport in Pattaya. However, transportation in the city is facilitated through the use of special cars (song taew), customized pickup trucks with passenger seats in a covered overhead back cabin. These pickups, known as Bahts-Bus, can easily carry 8-10 passengers in the back, plus 1 or 2 passengers in front. They circle around the city and are allowed to stop anywhere. In addition to motorbike-taxis, the Bahts-Buses are the only form of public transport permitted in Pattaya. If not occupied, they also can be hired as private taxis. In fact, they are private vehicles in most cases belonging to the drivers. There are so many of them that they end up looking for passengers.

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